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BioGuard Phos Kill will remove phosphates (a major food source for algae) from pool water, preventing algae growth. Using this product makes pool sanitation more efficient against green pools and can reduce chlorine consumption.

  • 133g/L Lanthaum Glycolate Hexahydrate.
  • Prevents algae growth by removing phosphates, a major food source.
  • Negligible effect on water balance.
  • Useful for pools exposed to phosphate rich environments, such as swimming pets, birds,
  • heavy rain, garden beds, floods, dust storms, areas with many trees, country areas.
  • Classified as Non-Dangerous Good.
  • Promotes healthy, sparkling pool water for safe swimming conditions.
  • Saves money by reducing chlorine consumption.
  • Pool sanitisation becomes more efficient against green pools.
  • Can be used as maintenance, preventative or problem solver

Phos Kill

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