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Solar Breeze is an automated pool cleaner that is fully solar powered. Just look at these figures:





monthly costs


monthly costs


Pool pump electricity


Pool pump electricity


Pool chemicals


Pool chemicals


Pool cleaning service


Pool cleaning service


Total monthly cost




That’s $140 a month you save WITH Solar Breeze—$1,680 more in your pocket every year.


Here’s how Solar Breeze works:

The unit moves across the surface of your pool, propelled by its back paddle. Any dirt and debris is swept up in its path, with 90–95% of it going no further than the collection chamber of the Solar Breeze.


A built-in chemical sanitiser counteracts bacteria as the unit travels along. When the Solar Breeze comes in touch with the pool wall, it automatically redirects and continues tirelessly doing its ultra-cleaning job—all under the sun’s free energy.


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