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The new VTX-7 is a true automatic pool cleaner. Just set and forget.


Suitable for concrete, fibreglass, tile and vinyl pools, the VTX-7 has a triple cleaning action. Its unique criss-cross cleaning pattern is best suited to curved wall pools.


The powerful vortex action scrubs, skims and vacuums to clean your pool thoroughly from top to bottom and along the sides. Its super-sized Leaf Scoop means the VTX-7 captures and removes large leaves that other cleaners can’t manage.


The VTX-7The Ultra Flex Hose will achieve maximum coverage every time. As the cleaner criss-crosses the floor and walls of your pool, it will vacuum up all debris and scrub away algae and calcium build up as it goes. Its Smart-Skim action draws floating debris into the skimmer box to complete the cleaning process.


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